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5 Indicators that Your Business is Ready to Scale and Outsource Tasks

You've put in the hard yards, and your business is growing - congratulations! What a testament that is to your efforts, you should be so proud of your achievements.

As you start to scale your business, you will find that the workload increases considerably - that's a sure sign of GROWTH taking over. You may be able to juggle the demands at first, but it can very quickly begin to feel overwhelming. Here are some indicators that it might be time to start looking to outsource some of your workload and bring on an experienced Virtual Assistant to free up your time (and your mind!)

You're feeling frazzled

This is typically the first sign - and arguably the most important one. If you're becoming forgetful, distracted, overwhelmed or burnt out, that's a sure sign that you're doing too much! Take a look at what tasks are causing you the most hassle, and make a list - a good Virtual Assistant can take these tasks on remotely to free up your mind (and time!)

Your customer base is being neglected

Customer service and brand awareness is crucial to every growing business, but is sadly the area where the ball is dropped more often than not. Keeping customers happy, both new and existing, is an important task that is very time sensitive. If you can't keep on top of this job, it's definitely worth investing in someone who can keep them nurtured.

You're not able to focus on growth or planning ahead

When you're bogged down by the everyday grind (packing/emails) it can be impossible to start looking to the future for expansion. Freeing up some of those tasks can lead to way more time spent on product development, and growth and marketing strategies.

You have feelings of resentment towards your business

When your time spent on the business becomes less enjoyable, take heed! The everyday, monotonous tasks can take away from the exciting and more challenging aspects of growth, so these are the first things that most will look to outsource.

You are working crazy hours or craving family time

One of the hardest things as a small business owner is juggling the work/life balance. It's very important to put boundaries in place, so that you're able to focus on work and on family in a meaningful way.

Ready to get in touch about outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant? Pop me an email and let's arrange a discovery call!

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant for help!
Feeling stressed out juggling the work/life balance?

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